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Why Choose Slate for Your Re-Roof?

Slate Roof Tiles
Installing a new roof is a major home improvement. Unlike repainting your living room or replacing kitchen drawer hardware, re-roofing is a serious expense and a permanent project. There aren't many homeowners who constantly swap out one perfectly good roof for another every few years just because they want a change. With that in mind, picking the right roofing material is absolutely essential.
If you're considering slate, understanding the pros and cons of this material is the first step to making an informed decision. While the major con that comes with slate is the high price tag, this elegant option has plenty of pros. Before you make a material decision, take a look at the bountiful benefits of slate roofing tile.

High Resale Value

Whether you plan on selling your home soon or you're thinking about the future, resale value is something to keep in mind. A worn asphalt shingle roof that's peeling and curling isn't likely to fetch you a high price for your home. But a slate roof will.
The benefits of slate aren't lost on home buyers. When looking for a new space to live, potential buyers will see the slate and pay more than they would if you had most other roofing materials. The selling price of your home with a slate roof can offset the cost that you paid for it.
Along with increasing the resale value, slate may also help to draw potential buyers in. The clear aesthetic value of the material is appealing and may bring in buyers that may otherwise skip the property showing.

Long Lifespan

When it's well-maintained, slate is one of the longest lasting roofing materials available. As long as you keep up with routine inspections and repairs when needed, your slate roof can last for more than a century.
Keep in mind that while slate is extremely durable, it can easily chip or break if it's stepped on or put under pressure. You should avoid getting up on the roof yourself. Only a qualified professional roofer should go onto a slate roof. If your roof does have a leak or you suspect another problem, leave the repairs completely to the experts.
Accidentally breaking tiles with a few missteps can cause serious problems that are complicated to fix. Likewise, adding any type of décor to your roof isn't advisable. While hanging holiday lights is festive, nailing the strands into slate tile is likely to cause damage. Instead, hang lights and any other décor below the roofline.


If added waste to yet another landfill isn't on your agenda, slate is for you. Given the longer lifespan of slate, a roof made from this material won't require constant replacement, which leads to less waste and a higher degree of eco-friendliness.
Not only will this long-lasting material make less landfill waste, but it is also a natural stone that doesn't contain any volatile organic compounds volatile organic compound (VOCs). Exposure to VOCs can lead to a host of health issues, such as headache, nausea, respiratory problems, or allergic skin reaction. So installing a slate roof can also ensure that you stay healthy.

Fire Resistant

In the event of a fire (either in your home or in a neighboring home), you don't want a roof with low heat resistance. Materials such as wood and asphalt shingles are fairly flammable, leaving your home open to serious damage. Unlike these flammable roofing picks, slate is much more fire-resistant. This intrinsic ability may not just save your home someday - it might save your life.
Are you considering a slate roof for your next home improvement project? Contact Bray Sheet Metal Company for more information.