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5 Types of People Who Should Choose Metal Roofing

Metal Roof
Roofing material should always be matched to your home's and household's needs, which will vary based on your budget, values, and climate. For example, if you have a flexible budget and you're going for a timeless antique mansion look, you may want to choose slate or copper.
Here are five types of people who will find metal roofing especially valuable.

1. Eco-Conscious Consumers

Did you know that most metal roofing products have a considerable amount of recycled metal in them? And some have up to 95% recycled content. That's a great savings on raw materials, making metal roofs an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious.
In addition, metal roofs are themselves recyclable, and they can help you save energy, lower your emissions footprint, and reduce your urban heat island effect. They do all this while being much more affordable than a rooftop garden or green roof.

2. Value-Conscious Homeowners

Although someone on a strict budget may not have the option of choosing metal, someone who has more to spend but wants the best value for their money should seriously consider a metal roof. In addition to the ecological benefits enumerated above, metal roofing offers benefits in nearly every category.
For example, it provides wind resistance, hail resistance, UV ray resistance, and a long lifespan. Plus, maintenance is low and you can choose between a lot of different aesthetics; you don't have to settle for a tin-can roof look to reap the rewards of metal roofing.

3. Homeowners Who Want Solar Panels

Attaching solar panels to an asphalt roof may seem like a good idea, but it can cause logistical problems. For example, an existing shingle roof is likely to give out before the solar panels do, which means you'll need to have the panels uninstalled to replace the roof, and then have them installed again.
If you want to avoid this unnecessary expense, you can choose a long-lasting roof, such as a metal roof, instead. And with some metal roofs (for example, standing seam metal roofs) you can save on solar panel installation as well, as the roof seams allow you to clip in fasteners for the solar panels. This prevents you from having to create holes in the roof in order to anchor your array.

4. People in a Wind- or Fire-Prone Region

Metal roofing comes with one of the highest wind ratings of any roofing type in existence. Areas that get a lot of straight-line wind, such as the Pacific Northwest, can benefit from this, as can areas with tropical weather, such as the Southeast corner of the country.
In addition, some types of metal roofing (such as copper and galvanized steel) are also highly fireresistant since they neither catch on fire nor melt when burning brands land on top of them.

5. People Who Hate Replacing Their Roof

Because of their extreme durability and longevity, some types of metal roofing are ideal for people who want to live under the same roof for the rest of their adult lives. If you've finally bought your dream home and are settling in, a low-maintenance, long-lived metal material might be perfect for your next roof replacement; some can last 50 years.
These five examples show that there's a wide range of homeowners who can benefit from a metal roof, both in terms of value and energy savings and in terms of aesthetics and convenience. Other types of roofing can provide some of these perks (for example, a slate roof can last over a century), but metal is arguably the most complete roof benefits package.
For more information about the types and styles of metal roofing available, get in touch with Bray Sheet Metal Company today. We provide installation services for metal roofing as well as slate roofing, tile roofing, and other high-quality roofs.