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5 Benefits of Custom Fabricated Metal Backsplashes

Modern interior
As you're designing your dream kitchen, don't neglect the backsplash area just above your countertops, stove, and sink. Leaving this area uncovered allows stains and moisture to settle into the drywall, but many homeowners don't particularly like the look of ceramic or glass tiles for covering the space.
A metal backsplash is a great modern alternative to the usual tile installations. Not only does metal offer a very different style than your typical tile for a backsplash, but the material also provides these five benefits to the busy homeowner.

1. Easy Cleaning

Since backsplashes are usually located over stoves and food preparation areas, these parts of the kitchen wall accumulate a lot of splatters, grease spots, and other forms of dirt. No one wants to spend hours scrubbing individual tiles and all of the lines of grout between them. The amount of cleaning required is one of the biggest disadvantages to tile backsplashes.
Metal backsplashes, in general, are easier to keep clean. The smooth surface is non-porous, so splatters wipe off with just a wet cloth or a little vinegar. Even metal pieces with textures and raised decorative features still take less effort to wipe down than you'll spend scrubbing grout lines.

2. High Durability

Constant exposure to steam, hot grease, and the edges of heavy pots and pans can cause damage to the backsplash area when you leave the area bare and simply paint the drywall. And while ceramic and glass tiles can usually handle some heat exposure or direct heat, the sudden shock of a cast iron pan bumping into the tiles can crack the material or cause tiles to fall off.
Metal backsplashes, especially those made from stainless steel, can withstand all of the hazards of a busy kitchen. With the right coating or a naturally stainless alloy, you don't even have to worry about corrosion from splashes of water.

3. Texture Options

Smooth and polished sheet metal is the most minimalist and easiest-to-clean option for a backsplash, but this material is far from your only option. In fact, the first types of metal backsplashes were commonly made with tin ceiling panels that feature ornate pressed designs to add beauty to the space.
If stamped or pressed metal isn't your thing, consider a textured surface instead. Brushed metal is modern and eye-catching, while remaining relatively easy to keep clean. A brushed finish also helps hide the tiny scratches that inevitably develop on a metal surface over the years.

4. Fast Installation

Setting tile, regardless of the time you choose, takes hours of hard work. From spreading mortar to carefully grouting between the tiles after you set them, tile backsplash installation takes a few days even for a small area. In contrast, sheets of metal install quickly and with only a minimal layer of mastic adhesive to secure the material.

5. Multiple Materials

Even after you've settled on metal as your preferred backsplash material, you still have plenty of material options to pick through before installation. Copper is a great option because of its warm color and many texture and patina options. Stainless steel and aluminum offer an ultra-modern style, and even old- fashioned tin is still available.
If you prefer a metal that is rarely available in pre-finished backsplash kits, a custom sheet metal fabrication company can create any design you want from practically any available type of metal.
Commit to a backsplash you can trust to look great for years to come by contacting us here at Bray Sheet Metal Company. Work with our designers to create the metal backsplash of your dreams to make your kitchen more attractive and easier to keep clean.